Text issues in Miro to Figma migration

My product management team is importing numerous Miro boards into FigJam since our design team wants to switch tools and the whole organization is following suite.

I’ve noticed that a text box from the Miro board gets becomes multiple adjacent text boxes in FigJam instead of being one chunk of text per shape. It’s very annoying…especially since this FigJam page here made it seem like text objects in miro would transfer cleanly to text objects in FigJam.
Any tips or workarounds or solidarity out there?
This makes boards frustrating to edit and also prevents ctrl + F from working properly if a search term is divided across text boxes.

thank you.

Hi there! Sorry to hear you are having issue for importing Miro boards. This looks buggy, as the importation should work by following the steps in the article here. Could you send us a video of the steps you are taking to import the Miro boards into FigJam here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ? This will help our team to better visualize the issue. Thank you