Text Box not Appearing no Matter what I try!

Hi All! Sorry I know this is a super basic question, but none of the tutorials or videos that I try or watch fix the solution.

I am trying to include a Text Box to place/write in an image placeholder. However the text will not show. I drag it to any other frame and it will. When I try to drag the text box to the correct frame, it seems I do more harm than good and even more elements disappear.

Are there any insight as to what I am doing wrong? I know it sounds like insane user error, and it probably is but literally no YT trick or forum answer that I’ve seen has fixed it and I’m so held up by it and confused.

Thank you all for your help!

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@Kit_Gogan Have you been able to fix this?

What you’re describing sounds like a - for lack of a better word ’ “layering” problem

Here is how the community can help you better, if you can, try sharing a screenshot(s) of what you’re describing, this way we can see it better

When you share the screenshot(s), tag me. I should be able to help you fix this.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. It sounds weird. Could you share the screen recording to know what is happening? If possible, could you please share the file link so we can investigate it?