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Swap overlay seems to disable all other prototype actions

Here is what I am trying to build:

Page has multiple options to select
After you are done selecting, you click “next” button to navigate to the next page

But currently it seems like I can only click once in my prototype. Here is my prototype:

Some other context:
I have the 4 options ( “Company Logo Socks” etc) set up as components. For each of those, on hover, there is a new state, and then when you click on the hover it swaps the overlay to show it is selected.

That’s where the issue happens – once I click on the component to select it, I can no longer get the hovers to work on the other elements, or can’t click the next button.

Any thoughts here?

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Hey @Caitlin_Marr, yes, the overlay appears on top of everything, and in order to be able to interact with other elements (which are overlapped), you need to close the overlay.

Interactive components (beta) help you create the things you want. More details: ▶ Sign up for the Interactive Components beta →

@tank666 Rats! I was afraid of that.

I signed up for the beta, since that seems like it would help! Do you know how long it takes to get approved? Was hoping to get this prototype out today :sweat_smile:

Usually you need to wait 3 business days.

Gotcha, thank you for the help and info!

I figured out a workaround by having the click navigate to a new identical page. More work for me, but it’s doable for now!

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