Star/Favorite comments for better comment organization

Sometimes, there are just too many comments. Can’t delete them because I or the team members might need them later on. It’s like GitHub commits. But, if I happen to search for a specific comment, it’s very time-consuming. Instead, we could just star the comment which will surely be needed later. Showing the star in both the comments list and comments on the artboard will be better. Maybe just add a filter to the comments list, and add a golden outline to the comment icon for the artboard.

@Abhishek_J Thanks for the feedback! I went and modified your topic title so others could see it pop up if they’re searching for similar features.

This would be incredibly useful! We have a lot of comments on a project which have ongoing discussions (can’t be marked as “resolved”), but have regular meetings where a handful of the comments need to be read and discussed during a meeting. It would be awesome to have the ability to star, color-code, or pin these types of comments.