Search among opened tabs

Sometimes when too many tabs are open, their names are getting truncated and it would be quite difficult to jump from one tab to another. E.g. tracing a component back to design system to check master component and documentations before jumping back to working file, it would take some time to locate where the working file tab is.

Suggesting a feature to incorporate a search bar (collapse if it’s not activated) or even just a keyboard shortcut to let user quickly scroll through and search among opened tabs.

Something like command+tab in macOS or control+tab in Figma but with better visual and thumbnails.

Thanks @stevewang! I could’ve sworn there was an existing topic on this request already, but it looks like I was wrong (or can’t locate it). I’m going to leave this open for others to vote on – appreciate you taking the time to submit this request :grinning:

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Yep, great idea! Was just thinking this as I cannot see the titles of the tabs easily when lots are open.