Screen is constantly shifting to the right

I am experiencing the same strange phenomenon that someone else did in this forum. The screen is constantly shifting to the right even I am not clicking on anything. All that happens is the mouse pointer is within the design window. When I move it out, it stops. If I turn off the keyboard it still does it. If I reboot the computer, it still does it. What is going on?

For some reason I can’t include links in my topic description. The other topic identical to this one is + the-screen-is-constantly-shifting-to-the-right/9224. You’ll have to cut and paste intelligently to refer to the other topic I am talking about. Weird I can’t reference it here.


Okay further investigation shows that this is not a Figme problem, but rather a Chrome problem. My tabs keeps shifting right as well. Other applications are showing this same phenomenon.


In the end it turns out to be a problem with a faulty mouse usb connector that was doing something weird. Turning off the mouse connected to the USB did not resolve the issue. I had to actually remove the USB.

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