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Responsive text size when adjusting box/frame size on one side

Take a button for example. I understand there is a ‘scale tool’ for resizing the entire button including the text size inside. However, that usually changes button size as a whole (both height and width together). Attempting to move the button horizontally will only result in the text wrapping onto the next line instead.

Is there a way for me to resize the text when I’m only adjusting the button horizontally or vertically?
(e.g text becoming smaller when the button width is shorter)

I added a short clip to illustrate what I was describing. Hope it helps, thank you!

No, there is no way to do that.

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Currently, no way. I encourage you to open a Product ideas topic.

Thank you for the responses! I’ll open a product idea topic :slight_smile:

@Jasmint_Tan Is this what you’re trying to do? If you use the scale tool on the text node in an Auto Layout frame with fixed height, I think you can achieve your use case (at least for horizontal text; not sure if this technique would work for vertical scaling). This won’t work at the component level without detaching the instance first, but this could be a workaround technique in a pinch.


Oh my god yes! Thank you so much for this creative solution :grin:

Nice. Thank you :ok_hand:t4: