Adjusting component instance size

Hey guys, sorry I’m a bit of a rookie here. But I’ve been searching for a few hours for a solution with no luck.

I’m trying to mockup an app. The buttons (taken from Material Design) automatically adjust to the size of the text in them. However, this sometimes means that the buttons is so small that it is impractical. But when I adjust the size of the frame, the rest of it remains the size dictated by the text. I’d like to adjust the frame size, and have the rest of the button adjust as well so that they become realistically sized.
Or alternatively are a fixed size.

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials that say you should use resize to fit. But this isn’t a selectable option for me on either instance, or main component. I can hover over it, but that is it.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Use Auto Layout.