Remember last interaction detail

I’ve posted this already in “ask the community”, but since I did not get any answers there, I assume that this is currently simply not possible.
Therefore I’d like to propose this as an idea to share.

In more complex prototypes, I’ve experienced to set the same interaction details over and over again.
E.g. I have a thumbnail grid, each thumbnail needs be able to open up an overlay that aligns exactly with the thumbnail - so I’d need to set it to “manual”.

So, with a thumbnail grid of e.g. 9, I’d need to connect to each individual overlay with the thumbnail and unfortunately have to select “on mouse enter” “open as overlay” - “manual” each and every time. Over time this can be very frustrating repetitive work.

I remember that Adobe XD remembered the last interaction details that was set by me and I and I miss that to streamline prototyping.


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