Save interaction detail in Prototype mode

Can we have a feature to SAVE the interaction details when we’re in prototype mode and editing the interaction details? Currently, interaction details only saves the last interaction details we made. However, it is insufficient when we want to create a prototype in a large number of frames.

It would be ideal if we could also save the desired interaction details. As an example,

  1. I can save interaction details for “Open Overlay” with Animation “Move in from Top - Ease Out” by using the “After Delay” trigger.
  2. I can additionally save interaction details for “Navigate To” and Animation “Smart Animate - 300” by using the “On Clicks” trigger.

Saving interaction information, in my opinion, will save a significant amount of time when working on a prototype in Figma. I hope this helps and can be put into action. Thank you very much.


Not exactly following what you wanna do…you need to copy the same interaction(s) to multiple items? You can do that by copying and pasting the interactions, or if it’s a shared item, make it a component and add it into the screens…

Yes, I’m handling by copying and pasting and using interactive components for now. However, if we have several interactions with different details, and in this case, interaction from frame to frame, I’ll have to check each one manually to see which ones I need to copy.

So what I’m thinking is, perhaps we could “Name” the interaction and save it as “Interaction Style” and we could also publish it to the library. Like we have for Effect Style or Grid Style.

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