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Remapping Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working Mac

Unable to set up a new keyboard using Shift Command [ or Shift Command ]

The shortcuts being set up are Object – Send Backward and Object – Bring Forward

They show in the menu when set up but do not work, instead they go between open tabs and the home icon.

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 09.38.32

Has anyone else had success mapping these keyboard shortcuts? Just wondering if it’s a bug or system specific.

Mac OS 11.5.1
Figma Desktop App version 99.0

Using System Preferences doesn’t usually allow you to remap keyboard shortcuts in apps — only to assign the new ones. If the keyboard shortcut already exists for another action, it’s likely it will remain so even if you set the shortcut via System Preferences (for any app, not just Figma). To remap shortcuts, I would suggest using Better Touch Tool (I use it daily) or Maestro Keyboard. They are both reliable apps that allow you to do even more than simple shortcut remapping.

Have you tried to re-map keyboard shortcuts in OSX recently? Have been able to map existing shortcuts and override them in Spotify and Chrome with no issue.

Also, mapping with another keyboard shortcut makes the Figma shortcut work as anticipated, it seems to be that Figma somehow overrides the Shift Command [ and Shift Command ] shortcuts.

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 13.15.02

Just tried to assign the New Tab shortcut in Chrome (Cmd + T) to “Extensions” menu action. It didn’t work until I also assigned a new shortcut to the “New Tab” action. Since in Figma the next tab/previous tab don’t even have this shortcut in the menu (they use Ctrl + Tab/Ctrl + Shift + Tab), I guess these alternative shortcuts are indeed set somewhere deeper.

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