Regarding components and variants

Hello everyone! Been trying for hours now doing a component/variant on Figma but I keep getting “The properties and values of this variant are conflicting. Change the applied values on this variant to resolve this.” I don’t understand it and it’s frustrating the hell out of me. So here’s the issue, I’m creating 3 stars, one plain white, the other half yellow and white and the last it pure yellow. I applied multiple components of them and then created a variant out of the 3 stars. So the issue now is that when I go to the right side where it says parent component and then current variant below. On the property section where it has the drop down menu where the 3 stars are supposed to be recognized, it keeps giving me the error message above and it only picks up 2 of the stars. Regardless how much I change the name, it keeps going back to those 2 stars only and keeps renaming the other one on it’s own. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Please help! Thank you!

Try creating new stars (white, half-yellow, yellow), then select all of them and create a component set (not multiple components). Rename each variant accordingly and it should work.

First, I share your frustration. I am not a Figma guru, so accept my sympathy and know you are not alone.
When I get this annoying error, I go to the left panel and tweak the name of each variants until each has a different name (e.g. “star-halfyellow, star-yellow, star-white”). Usually, it complains AGAIN that I have not named them correctly. However, if I persist in tinkiering with the naming of the parent component and each variant, the error message suddenly disappears.
I know this is lame advice. But I assure you Figma is not trying to torture us (at least not on purpose). Rather, it’s playing a game of Simon-says where we must obey it’s rules or it refuses to obey.
Best of luck, my FFFF (fellow frustrated Figma friend)!