Put layer in frame shortcut

It’d be great to have a keyboard shortcut (or one-click button) to place a selected image in a frame so you don’t have to draw a frame and then drag the picture into it, and then finally go and resize the frame to the picture/layer’s dimensions. A shortcut or button would be great for these three steps and save me a lot of time. So in short, select image > use shortcut/click button > image is put into frame that is automatically set to the image’s dimensions. If there are constraints with this last step of the frame auto sizing down to the image’s dimensions, the user could simply double click on of the corners to make it snap to the image’s dimensions (similar to how you would make a text box smaller)

User context
I work with screenshots a lot and like to have them in frames as it helps with naming and keeping things neat.

What you describe can be achieved in several ways.

Method 1:

  1. Select image layer;
  2. Frame selection (Ctrl + Alt + G).

Method 2:

  1. Place the image in an existing frame;
  2. Select this frame;
  3. Resize to fit (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R).
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@tank666 THANK YOU! Was searching for this didn’t come across answers as clear as yours. Really appreciate it! :pray:

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