Prototypes receiving/emitting events for more interactivity

Hi there,

I was looking for a way to intercept the events when users click through a prototype. I didn’t find a way, neither with the UI nor plug-in reference.

So the minimal idea is to emit events the whole project can listen for, this could look like open link (action) where the user can specify what to send, e.g. user-login

This event can be used as a trigger to navigate to a specific frame, e.g. login-page or attached to a frame like a flowstart.

The magic happens, when theses events can be listened for within plug-in / interactive components / … so it’s possible to sent a message to another prototype / machine / webservice.

Similarly important would be the possibility to emit an event from code, so a prototype can be triggered based on a script / prototype / another device / webservice.

We prototype often multi-device interactions with hardware interactions and having this built into figma would be :star_struck:

I hope you like and understand the idea, if so give this post some love :slight_smile:

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