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Prototype is distorted/glitched in presentation mode

Same here, on mac laptop, it’s all fine but on a windows laptop, it is the same view. I don’t know how to fix it either, any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

h have the same problem. i opened my project in fidma web application by firefox and it solved.

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we need this to work with any modern browser our customers may be using… and right now every review is a giant gamble that i can no longer trust

I get this also. Does anyone have the solution? :frowning:

I updated my Figma to the latest version last day and started getting errors on the Preview Page.

When I design my project in the artboard and then I click on that Play icon to preview the design, My design is distorted I see a large Magnified Box at the top-Left corner of the screen.

Before the update, my Figma was working fine.

I recorded my screen to share with you so you can better understand what I’m trying to say.


my present screen always distorted and I could not find the answer in anywhere.


This is a known issue but I don’t think there is a known fix for this. Send a report and include your computer specs to Figma support team via the support request form or It may sometimes not appear in other browsers/desktop app, so try it.

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Here’s what Figma prototypes look like when I use Chrome and Edge:

We can find solution as Using a Firefox browser to view the prototype … :white_check_mark:


Nvidia RTX 2060 S (display driver 466.77), Windows 10 21H1, Chrome 91.0.4472.106. The problem occurs if ANGLE graphics backend is set to D3D9. You can change it in chrome flags settings. You’re welcome.


Figma Design view problem. Please Solved this Problem. Thank you

Everything is fine but when I preview the prototype I created it shows something like in the image. Someone please help me

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im tired man updated my chrome and all, please help fix this presentation bug its giving headache, description below

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Turn off Hardware acceleration in chrome settings.

Settings->advanced->system->turn off the hardware acceleration.


Hi, I am having an issue with the present view. when I view my file in the present mode, one block is coming on the left side.
Below I have attached the picture

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Same Problem

I suggest you do the design in the desktop app and open a firefox window for preview. It works.

This actually worked! I changed from D3D9 to D3D11, relaunched Chrome and it works fine!

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Bro even I have an same Issue

also happening in chrome 91