Prototype Flow and Interaction Inheritance - Toggle Off

Hi there - I personally really do not like how if you create a frame that has prototype interactions, or a flow starting point, that when you duplicate that frame the new frame inherit all of those settings.

I often need to make multiple different sections of flows and prototypes on the same page. I’ll often copy a design frame to create the next variation, which needs to exist independently of the previous prototype. If I don’t remember to disconnect the prototype interactions, this QUICKLY gets out of hand as the inherited connections multiply. There’s a quick enough way to kill all the duped flow starting points, however I can’t find a way to get rid of a bunch of prototype interactions all at once. This becomes very cumbersome to remove all of them as it seems you need to go in and disconnect each interaction point individually. Maybe I’m missing something?

Not looking for tips like “use a different page” in order to break connections, I’m just hoping for a way to essentially toggle off inherited prototype starting points and interactions as a setting. (I can see where inheritance is a good thing, but in my case it is very undesirable 98% of the time).

Thanks for the consideration!

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