Prototype Connection Issue that needs a solution in Figma

For my Figma Design, I got the frame pages like the “HomePage”, “OrderPage”, FavoritePage” with a Navbar for each of those frame pages that consist of a notification icon. Whenever the user clicks on that notification icon, it will direct the user to the “Notification Frame Page”. The “Notification Frame Page” have a “Back Arrow Icon” that will allow users to go back to its corresponding previous page. So if the user was on the “HomePage” and they click on the notification icon, once they get direct to the “Notification Frame Page”, by clicking the “Back Arrow Icon” it will allow them to go back to the “HomePage”. The same actions goes to the other frame pages. So the main point is when working the prototype connections, how can I work it to where users on the “Notification Frame Page” go back to each of its specific corresponding frame pages like the “HomePage”, “OrderPage” without having to create multiple “Notification Frame Pages” to link back to each pages like the “HomePage”, “OrderPage” and so forth. Is it possible to just use one “Notification Frame Page” to do the prototype connection linking back to each corresponding pages like the “HomePage”, “OrderPage”, and so forth without any conflict?

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