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While prototyping in Figma - you can add interactions with a target as Back. Would it be cool to have a target as “Next”.

What can be “Next”
It could jump to the Next frame in the layer panel.

This will make prototype simple flow easier. We can set a nav component with Back & Next hyperlinked and hot. Just create frames and arrange them in the order needed. And you have a quick page flow prototype ready.

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Hey Lokesh

Have you considered that the “next” page is different depending on which flow you are viewing vs the layout of the frames on your artboard?

For example if you have 3 total parent frames and you set frame 1 to the flow starting point then frame 2 would only be counted as ‘next’ if it is place to the right hand side of frame 1 on the artboard.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


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Good point. But the user can also stack frames vertically. So layer panel order might be easier to pick the next frame

This is a feature request for the Figma > Prototype team,
to include a feature where the user can set “Next” as an interaction target.

Next will jump to the frame in the layer panel and so on…

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