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Propagating dummy text to all instances of an component

I have one question.
Is it possible to propagate dummy text (for example Lorem Ipsum) to all instances of an component?
It would be super useful from practical point of view. Thanks

Apologies if this is an obvious answer that you’re well aware of. As long as you haven’t overridden the target text inside the instances, any text updates that you make inside of the main component will propagate to all the instances. If you have already overridden the original text in the instances, you will have to select them and change the text manually or reset the overrides so they are linked to the main component again. If you have to select them all, and there are a lot, there are some plugins that can probably make the process easier. Maybe Similayer to select all text objects that share the same content, and Change Text to update them all at once? I also might be over-complicating this. There is also a good Lorem Ipsum plugin that I use all the time when I need to eyeball what a text block will look like and I don’t have the content written yet.

Thanks for response.
Yes I am aware of everything that you described.
For dummy text I use plugin “Content Reel” but I wondered if there’s solution for every new instance I made from component to propagate dummy text automatically.
I guess it’s time to learn how to code plugin for myself to achieve this :slight_smile:

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