Presentation mode won't show my phone frame

Hi, I’m completing a project at the moment, but whenever I try to use the present option it doesn’t appear with the phone screen overlay on top and only has the image of what is supposed to go inside instead.
This has only just begun to happen and only occurs once I add prototype functions.
I am using the iPhone 14 frame

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I’m having the same issue as well. I follows the article to a T but it just loads my design to device width.

Same problem here. Lost the phone frame in our demo.

Worse, every time we click “Show Prototype Settings” we get the "could not load this stuff message and a button to refresh. Also referred to the status page. NO HELP AT ALL FIGMA!

And Figma support is unresponsive as usual.

I am only seeing this in a single file it seems. So SOMETHING has to have corrupted this massive prototype file…so now what do we do?

Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 9.46.14 AM

Looks like my issue was different. My everything worked up until yesterday.

Figma support actually FOUND THE BUG that was causing my issue. It had to do with a crash whenever trying to put the iPhone 14 frame on a prototype. LOL

They fixed it today for my issue at least.