Plugin UI minimum height

On initial opening of the plugin it appears one can set a height less than 100 for the plugin UI as such:

figma.showUI(__html__, {width: 600, height: 48})
// results in a 600x48 window

At some future point, I resize the plugin ui to a height of 480, perform an action, and then some time later want to resize the plugin back to 48. It appears the lowest resize height value is 100.

figma.ui.resize(600, 48)
// results in a 600x100 window

This seems strange as you can instantiate the ui at a height lower than 100, but on resize you cant? Am I missing something here?

Definitely sounds like a bug, so I moved it to the appropriate category. What comes to mind as a workaround is you need to close the UI and open it again with the necessary parameters.

Thanks for moving this to Bugs.

I tried closing/reopening, while this does work, it unfortunately breaks the user experience of my plugin and thus not a suitable workaround. I suppose I’ll deal with the extra space for now until its fixed.

Just pinging this thread as I am facing this exact same issue, and would just like to know if this is 100px undocumented resize limit is unlikely to change in the future, so I can redesign my plugin accordingly. Right now users are stuck with empty white space at the bottom of my plugin as the workaround.

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Hey all! The issue should be fixed with v1 update 38.