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Plugin to find un-styled text (and shapes?)

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any Figma plugins that will search a page for any text that’s not been assigned a colour style?

It would be nice if it did shapes too, but i suspect if you have a file with a lot of vector logos or illustrations (as I do) that it would just return too many results.

Text would be good start tho :smiley:

Any suggestions?



By the way, i know about Figma Style Organizer, but this won’t let me check just text field colours (it’s either check all element types, or just check the text fields for the typeface they use).

I was searching for the same tool, but finally Figma solve it in a different way :

Select a specific frame or cmd+A all to highlight all the frames and you can use “Selection colors” to take a look at all the colors used in your project. That’s not the smartest way, but you can see if there are some hexa alone and not linked to a style.

In this case, you cannot do it for texts

Sadly that won’t work because of the logos and illustrations that have colours that are not and will not be part of the styles. Hence trying to focus in just on text if i can.

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