Plugin throws 404 - suddenly deleted?

So I was using this plugin, called “Automater” which our entire team was heavily relying on. Suddenly the plugin was deleted automatically from our plugins library? This is the link I found which is cashed now on Google:

I’m frustrated with the experience, the plugins should be somehow cached, stored, or versioned? The reason might be the maintainers decided to commercialize the plugin, but still, suddenly did not have access to the same version is frustrating.

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Hey Adrian,

The problem with Automater is not caused by the maintainers, instead the plugin produced a weird issue within Figma, it made it crash while it was installed.

The latest update I have is that the plugin is blocked while Figma team investigate this issue.

As the creator of the plugin, I feel awful for this, and I’m really sorry that this happened.

Unfortunately, at this stage I cannot investigate myself, since I lost the permission to the plugin at all. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Oh, hei! Thank you for the tens of hours you saved us! I’m sorry, I was not aware of the issue.

Hopefully, the Figma team will remedy the problem.

Also, the issue may be worse than it looks, since a plugin should not be able to produce such damage.

The maximum it should happen is a plugin command to not work, since plugins should not leave outside their execution, for example in the background. (this is according to their documentation - it was updated lately, and I cannot find the source right now).

When a command doesn’t work, there are a few things that may or should happen:

  1. may produce the plugin to not execute the figma.closePlugin() and plugin not close by itself. This will let the person who use the plugin close it manually from the notification or to be closed when another plugin is launched (or the same plugin);
  2. depending on how the plugin was developed, it will throw an error, and in Automater case this will end the plugin and show the error to the user and in the console.

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