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Paste copied masters as masters instead of instances?

I am currently moving our libraries around, and can’t for the life of me figure out how to copy and paste master components as masters into new file instead of instances. We have a massive file with lots of icons, some of them are components, some are not. Selecting them all, pressing CTRL + C then CTRL + V into a completely new document of a new account still paste’s them as instances despite account not having access to masters, which is just odd all around.

Is there any way to paste copied masters as masters? Duplicating old file is not an option since I need to paste components from multiple files into single one, and we can’t unparent, select all and re-componify them either because the file has lots of things in it that should be there but shouldn’t be components.

Anyone? ^^

You can duplicate the file and copy-paste from the duplicate instead of the original. If that still creates instances, save as .fig (File → Save local copy…) and import, then copy-paste into another file.

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Thank you Gleb! Saving file locally and importing it solved the issue.

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