Page to design file

Hey I tend to have alot of ideas in regard to small feature extentions, which I save for later by splitting them over multiple pages in the main feature file to keep it all neat. And now is the time that some of these ideas are being commited on, becoming to big at which point they should be saved as their own feature file. At the moment i copy paste everything with the continues unsafe feeling that either it will break or the connections of components from or to other project pages will break.

This is not always the case, but I would love to have a feature where you can get an option in the context menu of a file page to seperate that page as a brand new file, keeping/bringing all components and corrosponding links to this new file.

It seems to work ok, so I think its only a small copy paste code required to develop this feature.

Thx, best regards Dennis

Another option is to duplicate the file and then delete the pages you don’t want/need. Might be safer than a copy/paste.

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