Page Groupings

The way I have to organize files in my projects is by date, name, and version.

I have recently started adding pages with nothing on them just so I can add a dashed line to indicate groups. This is adding overhead that feels inelegant.

Having a Folder concept would be much more powerful especially when designing component libraries. This would also make it much easier for newer people to understand the slash structure of component hierarchies.

Hello @Joshua_Kales

Figma introduced an update for this around a week a go

It’s called Sections and it kind a fork like folders with more features
There are some flaws in it but it’s pretty consistent and getting better day by day

check it out and it may fix your problem

here is the help guide:,-There%20are%20a&text=Click%20in%20the%20top%20toolbar,like%20the%20section%20to%20go.

Thank you! Sections are fantastic but address a different issue. :slight_smile:

One issue I am addressing is when I need to share out a Figma project with non-designers/non-figma users; say a development team.

With a Page Folder, I could use one Figma Project to address multiple scenarios in a cleaner way. Currently I have to curate quite a number of figma files for smaller details when a folder grouping would be logical for these kinds of users who do not move out of one file much.

Please vote for these ideas here:

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