Outline Stroke is broken

Everytime im trying to use “Outline Stroke” on the vector im making with the pen tool the tab im working on just freezes :confused:

does everybody else also get this?

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. Please let me ask some questions.

Is this behavior occurring in the browser or in the native app? Can you open your file in another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) and see if the same occurs there? If it’s limited to the Desktop app, then clearing your cache should help resolve the issue. You can clear the desktop app cache on a Mac in the Help menu under Troubleshooting.

If you see it only in a browser app, this problem could be caused by a browser extension you have set up. It can even happen across devices if you use the same chrome profile, which includes these extensions as well. Can you please try disabling your browser extensions one by one and then check after each to see which one is causing the issue.

This help center article could help as well: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040523973-Technical-troubleshooting-tips#Basic_Troubleshooting