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Organisation plan but with more editor options?

Our company just upgraded to Organisation plan, which is billed according to how many Design Editors we have chosen.

However, here is our conundrum:
We have a Copywriter in the team. We don’t want her to have an Editor role because she doesn’t need to access ALL the project files, but if we don’t do so then she can only view the one file she has to work on.

What can I do in this situation? Do I really have to pay for one more seat just for her? So she can editor just one specific project file? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Unfortunately you are correct — you will probably have to pay for her. The most I can suggest is: as a viewer in the org, she should be able to edit files in her org drafts. She can make a duplicate of the main work file, edit it, then share it with someone who has edit access to the project so they can move her work there somehow.

I’d also look at Ditto: — this tool tries to solve this exact issue and is well integrated with Figma via a plugin.

Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll forward it to the team. But my concern still remains:

Previously (before we switched to Organisation plan) we also had someone from the HR as an Editor in this project file, let’s call it “HR Template”, so whenever she wanted to create a new recruiting post, she could just change the text on the template that I made for her.

But now, she can’t. Unless I give her a “Design seat”.
Of course you can argue that she could just leave a comment and later on, a designer changes the text for her. In reality, no. It is inefficient and chaotic to manage.

This not only completely changed the way how our teams collaborate with each other, but it will potentially cost us way more than we should have, because again, some people only need to edit just one very specific project file.

You can definitely share this feedback with the Figma team. The Ditto plugin allows you to do the “comment method” you described above but in a non-convoluted way. You can also use other sync plugins such as Google Docs Sync to syncronize copy and design.

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Here is a suggestion (we are in a similar situation):

Have the Editor edit in a Google Sheet. Use a Google Sheet Sync to import the copy.

Checking out @Gleb’s Ditto suggestion now.

If you do solve this in an elegant way @Carlos_Han please share.

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Thanks for the suggestion! We also thought about Google Sheet but eventually decided against it (corporation blah blah blah).
After a lot of discussions, we have chosen to buy more seats because we want to have everything and everyone in one place. For the sake of our Sales and Marketing’s sanity. You just can’t expect people to learn a new tool or service whenever you feel convenient.

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