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Option to show UI side panels with hover

Describe the problem your experiencing

One third of Figma is Figma UI. (red part)

See design → always
See controls → the 3 seconds I need to change a color or select a layer, not always

your idea that helps solve this

Copy Notion — here a video of how they solve this problem

Add an option to show UI side panels with hover.


It would be nice to use hover for this but just in case someone seeing this doesn’t know, you can show/hide UI by right-clicking the canvas and choosing that option or pressing Cmd/Ctrl + \ or Cmd/Ctrl + .

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  1. My small problem is impossibility to hide one of two panels (tools or layers) Working on variety of resolutions, especially 1920/1600, frames don’t fit into the screen completely.

I usually only use one panel major time.

2 How to improve? There are two ways, add shortcuts or more demanding solution like autohide panels and popup it on hover

It’s not necessarily important how big your screen size is, but how you use it.


Figma app has two side tool-bars that take up a lot of screen space.

(Note: I am aware of the interface scale > make smaller feature. This helps, but it creates another problem of legibility. My interface scale is currently set to 90%, anything smaller strains my eyes.)


Make the side bars minimized, then slide open when hovered over. The side bars don’t need to be visible at all times. This is a bigger issue for us who work on smaller laptops, but everyone can benefit from this small quality of life feature. Quick sketch of the idea:

Exactly :+1:

Didn’t know someone already posted about this. I was think in the same thing. At least you have a decent size screen, from the looks of it. This problem is compounded with smaller laptops.

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