Design Files: Hide/Show UI Side Panels on Hover

Working in Figma every day all day I find myself constantly wishing I could more easily collapse the side panels when designing and presenting. The panels take up a lot of space and limit your design range pretty significantly.

How awesome would it be if there was a way to collapse them and also have an easy way to get access to them with no clicks or taps?!


  • Have a toggle in the upper panel to show/hide *with a check box option to “show on hover”
  • If the user toggles to hide and checks the “show on hover” box
  • then UI panels will be hidden
  • And the user can easily access them by mousing over to either side to expand the panel
  • Once they are done using it and hover away
  • Then it collapses back
  • AND the user has SO much more space to work with – without loosing easy access to tools

Figma would be even closer to perfect with this feature.

Thanks for a great forum!

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