Option to see last update for pages

It’s nice to know when a file was last updated, but what about individual pages? We often name pages like this: “[2/13] Homescreen design” to show when the page was last updated. Was wondering if it would be possible to show. Something like this:

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Can I bump this? Does bumping even work anymore? :point_up:

Hey @mohammedibrahim – I’m only just seeing this now, but while it may not be a feature now, I’m converting your topic to a “share feedback” one. This will allow others to +1.

Poking may resurface, but not add to the vote count, but you are welcome to keep revisiting this topic :smiling_face:

I came here to look for any discussion about this kind of feature too, amazed it’s had so little attention. It would be incredibly useful to know which pages in a Figma file were ‘stale’, and which have been recently updated.

Thanks for the feedback, @Calum_Benson!

We’ll continue to pass your feedback along to the team for future consideration. Don’t forget to also Vote up top! :point_up:

The team uses votes from the community to gauge overall interest and prioritize.