No more inspect tools?

In development mode, it is impossible to inspect any of the elements of the Figma models provided by my designer. At least that’s what it seems to me. Can anyone check or tell me if I’m wrong?

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Hi, Everton.

Based on the image you send, it seems like you’re not in the dev mode. Try turning it on.

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Hey @Everton_Gomes_da_Silva, thank you for reaching out!

@Raphael_M is right, you can access it by clicking the Dev Mode toggle at the top of the page or use the keyboard shortcut ShiftD.

Feel free to also check out our Help Center article: Guide to Dev Mode

This is what I see on my end when I inspect a text field.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you’re able to view this in the inspect panel. If you’re not, please share a screenshot.

hey @Gayani_S , is there a way for me to disable new devtools and revert to original Inspect feature?

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No because you must pay for it now. Thanks Figma! Great marketing tactic.


Snap! Been locked out of seeing any useful content like pixel widths / margin / colour / padding unless we pony up. Not paying $12/month for something that I use infrequently, and am going to ask our designer to move us to a less greedy platform that doesn’t treat their customers like this.


This can not be serious. You tell me that I am not able to do my work anymore (I’m a dev by the way) because I am not opting to the new feature that I don’t need? Just give me my inspect tools back, they are all I needed