New Subscription Types / Pricing Tiers


Free plan is a generous plan for sure.
As Figma is a collaborative tool, it would be great if there is a Micro-Enterprise Plan [Startup Plan]

Starter [Free] → Professional is for Individuals
Startup [$99/Year] → Enterprise can be for Companies

Zoho provides Free 5 Email accounts to start with, which helps startup companies to work together from day 1.

Likewise, Figma Startup Plan will help Startup companies.

Figma Startup Plan - $99/year

  • 10 Figma and 10 FigJam Files
  • Max 5 Users and 25 Collaborators
  • Plugins and Templates
  • Mobile App
  • Max 100 Shared and Private Projects
  • Max 10 Version history
  • Max 5 Teams, 5 Team Libraries
  • Advance Prototyping
  • Max 10 GB Centralized File Management
  • Single Sign-on [official domains only]
  • Etc
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Hey @david_jeba – great feedback. I think others would also like to see new (or updated) pricing / subscription structures.

I went ahead and updated your topic subject to be a bit more clear on the improvements you’d like to see – this should help others find this suggestion and add a vote to it :smile: