New feature error

Today Figma announced that there does not have to be an extra text style for bold, italic and underline. It can be used directly with shortcuts on the text. I am very happy!

I have now applied this to my components. But when I want to use the instances, they are not Bold even though the components are Bold.

Is this a bug?

Hi @Cherryblossom36, We are so happy to hear you already using Allowing text style overrides. And we appreciate you flagging this.

I tried to reproduce this behavior on my side using a component that has a nested text layer that already has a text style applied to it. However, I couldn’t reproduce it. So it seems that the tool may not be functioning as expected.

As a first step, could you try clearing your app and browser cache to see if it makes any difference? Here’s a handy guide: Clear the Figma desktop app cache

If the issue persists, could you please submit a bug report directly to our support team using this link?:
When contacting our support team, please remember to include the following information:

  • Use your Figma account Email.
  • Add as an Editor to the affected file and any related library files (this will not affect your billing) and provide those direct links.
  • Please share a recording demonstrating the issue you are facing. Make sure to include the whole window, with the properties and layers panels visible. Expand the relevant layer and select the text layer you are having trouble with to show the applied text style and overrides.

Thank you once again for reaching out and for your assistance!

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Thank you for your answer! After emptying the cache, it’s still the same.

But I found out what it is. If I reset all changes on the instance, the change to the text style is also applied. But I can’t change manually every instance because it would be a huge effort. It affects all table labels, tabs and menu texts in all my projects. I’m not allowed to share them for privacy reasons. I only see the solution to keep 2 text styles. Once bold and once not bold. But that’s not very nice because I would like to use the new feature.

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Hi there, Thank you for your response and for taking the time to troubleshoot.

I appreciate you sharing what you found and the current workaround. I’ll pass on your feedback to the internal team.

Thanks once again for your valuable input.

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