Navigate back in multi level menu overlay prototype

As far as I know, there is no way to navigate back in open overlays. I know we can do this by duplicating frames, but this is just another screen to maintain unless we want inconsistencies. Any hacks very welcome!

PS I drew a great diagram to demo what I mean but I get an alert saying I can’t embed media.

Lemme confirm what I understood:

  • You are on the main parent screen.
  • you click on something that opens a popup/modal or some overlay. Let’s call that overlay-screen1.
  • in that overlay, you click on something else to go to overlay-screen2.

Now, do you want to navigate back to overlay-screen1 or to the Main parent screen?

For main parent screen:

  • your overlay design should have a way to exit at any point. That way, you can always navigate back to the main parent screen. This exit could be secured with a confirmation to prevent accidental close by the user.

For going back to overlay-screen1:

  • you can use “swap overlay” feature from Figma. This way you can navigate back and forth between screens/states within the overlay only.

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