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Missing independent corner option for some rectangles?

it sometimes happens that some of the rectangles lose the independent corner option and I don’t know why this happens, all the settings look identical to other rectangles where the independent corner option is working fine.
Sketch Dialog 2021-11-22 at 11.07.25

The second rectangle is now a vector object. This happened after the “Flatten” command.

thanks for you reply! it is strange because I have never used the flatten command on it or other rectangles where it happens. is there also any other way beside the flatten command that this can happen?

This command can be invoked with the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + E. Perhaps you did it by accident.

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ok, thanks! I’m pretty sure that I did not use this command but I’ll better monitor it in the future since this seems to be the only way it can happen.

update: I’ve now figured it out why it happened. I accidentally double clicked the rectangle and change size this way which will then automatically transform it into a vector.

thanks for bringing me on the right track with the vector!

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