Mask tool using

Why i cant keep the “mask” layer’s properties in the figma.

for example why I cant keep the rectangle color - purple
it is different with "SKETCH mask tool
btw, how to keep the mask layer properties?

Hello @Kkkkaia123 what do you mean by “properties”? because the way I see it a mask cannot have properties like color or effects because that way it wouldn’t be a mask; it’d be a shape. i.e. if you want to mask a purple rectangle into a purple circle, wouldn’t it be better to make a purple circle/ellipse in the first place?
Alternatively however, for whatever reason, you need those properties you can either group your mask and shapes, then add your color or effect to the group. Or have a copy of your original shape that acts as mask.
Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hi , I mean keep the rectangle’s color or any properties/ characters? (anyway is mask properties, cuz the rectangle is the mask layer) like in the sketch tool. I am so confused the tool is different from sketch and hard to use. (the pic is using sketch mask tool)

In that case there’s an alternative to masking: you can use a frame and give it fill, stroke or anything you want and check the Clip content option. Now you can put anything inside your frame and keep the properties.