Macbook pro M2 or Mcbaook air M3 for figma?

I am planning to buy a MacBook. But cannot decide which one to buy between MacBook pro M2 or MacBook air m3 (both are the very basic 8g ram 13-inch model).

The pro M2 has an active cooling so it may take more load without lagging the performance.
Which one to buy?

I have no issues on MacBook Pro 14" 2021 model.
So, I guess it wont be an issue in newer ones too.

Same question here. I have a Macbook air M1. But it’s getting slower with bigger files, especially with large design systems. It results in long loading after opening a file and switching between pages. I want to buy a new macbook, do I need to switch to a Pro or can I stay at air with M3 ?

Does Figma has a System Requirement page somewhere @dvaliao ?

I use Figma on a thirteen year old iMac I think you’ll be fine

Thanks for looping me in, @Marijn!

Browser and operating system requirements as well as graphic card specs are available here:

Desktop app system requirements available here:

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