Can an M1 (not M1 Pro, Мax, or Ultra) computer handle Figma well?


I am considering buying an iMac 24 with M1 (also getting the 16GB RAM upgrade).

I use Figma a lot and have tons of different projects with lots of elements etc.

My concern is whether M1 can handle that now as well as in a few years.

Therefore, I would like to hear from those of you using M1 (not M1 Pro, Max, or Ultra) and whether you are happy with M1’s performance while using Figma.

Thank you in advance!

Figma is really lightweight, i have a less powerful computer and Figma has never lagged

I have a MacBook Pro 15 from 2018 (not M1 of course) and can feel that Figma is getting slow on it. And that is where my concern is coming from.

Figma runs great on M1 processor in the editor view, but even on M1 Pro some prototype view pages will run slowly. This is more an issue with Figma than the processor and will happen with just about any computer you use.

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Any other opinions?

Update: I’ve decided to get an M1/M2 Pro instead of just an M1/M2 since the project we run on Figma is quite big.

Any ideas on what RAM I should go for?

(Again, the setup I’m looking for should not only be enough for the next 2 years but for 5-6 years.)