Logo, Icons: Auto layout or not

Hey guys, are there any reasons to prefer auto layouts for icons, logo and other graphic stuff in design system? Do you have any problems with using frames without auto layout in systems?
The problem is that I am autolayout-guy and prefer to use it everywhere, but at my new work a lot of graphic things are not placed in autolayout containers.
So I’m trying to understand how dangerous this can be for the future development of the design system and whether it’s worth spending our team resources on switching to auto layouts or it doesn’t matter and a matter of taste and habit. :slightly_smiling_face:

From my experience it does not matter unless there is something you want the users of the design system to be able to easily change through it (auto-layout options can be changed)
So as you see, it comes also with disadvantages (if you would not like the users to change it).

Spending a lot of time to adjust all graphics to have auto-layout sounds a bit of a time waste to me.

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