Lock design to portrait mode or landscape mode only

Hi, I can not see any info about this. Is there any way to lock your design to be either portrait or landscape mode? Thanks!

Hey Andreas, thanks for reaching out to the community!

Unfortunately, we can’t rotate on the Presentation view but we’ll pass it along to our team for consideration. Others in the community have requested it, feel also free to vote up this idea here: https://forum.figma.com/t/device-orientation-change-during-prototype/11548

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can rotate the Device Frame from the Prototype panel > Select the Device > Select the Orientation (you can see a landscape and portrait orientation icons). Then, click on preview button to see the orientation.

Here’s a screenshot:

Thank you!

Hi. Thanks for the answer. I was aware of these things. I was thinking if there was any “lock” setting. Like when you create apps in ex Xcode for Apple. You can decide if it should be a portrait app or landscape, or an app for both which you can rotate in your phone. I would like to lock my app so that it is always in portrait mode. Is that possible?
If not I would like to add that as a feature request also. Thanks!

Hi Andreas, thanks for the details! If you set the desired device orientation in the Prototype tab, this will keep the view you have set. But I may miss something, can you give more clarification about why you need this and what’s the main goal of them having this feature?
(I believe this isn’t possible, so I’d go ahead and switch the topic as a feature request!). Thank you

Hi. Thanks. Well, the reason is that I don’t want the app to flip orientation, ever. Just like some iOS nativ apps, like ex app-store, fitness-app or apps like ex Facebook.
The app I am building will be an app to use during movement, and that makes this flip-feature just disturbing. So, if this is not possible, I would like to turn this as a request, how would I do that? Can you help with that? Thanks!

Got it! Thanks for the clarification. I’ve switched your topic as “Share an idea” so others can also vote up and share their feedback.
We’ll pass along to our team for consideration. Thank you!

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