Line Height handoff inconsistencies

In the library font style, I have the line height set to auto. The handoff for this is all over the place:

  1. Nowhere does it show “auto/normal/1.2” etc
  2. In the Typography panel, it shows “15.51px” (this is the “correct computed value” but not the value I want the developer to implement - it should not be explicitly set)
  3. In the CSS panel, it shows “16px” (this value is incorrect)
  4. In the CSS table panel, it shows “100%” (this is incorrect, setting 100% should compute to the font-size, which is 13px)
  5. And I’ve only just realised now, but the table view shows two values for line height??

All of the above means I now need to annotate the designs to show where I have set the font style to an auto line height - which is a Figma anti-pattern. Are these recognised bugs?

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