Line height behaviour with fixed line height and frame hugging

Dear Figma community,

I’m trying to understand an issue I keep on having in a recent project.

As an example.
For a certain text size I have to use a lineheight of 21.6
Whenever I use this textstyle - the resulting text has a height of 22

If I put the text in an autolayout frame and set everything to hug - the height is also 22 instead of 21.6

What am I missing here?

Thank you so much for helping me out.

BR from Austria,

Height of the text without a frame

Height of the text within an auto-layout frame set to hug

Am I really the only one experiencing this?

Hello @Michael_Hametner

No but There is nothing to prevent this issue as it does not related to Figma, It’s the fonts design that makes such problem, At least to my knowledge this has been talked about several times here and nothing other than putting in the frame works for a suitable result


Putting it into a frame is unfortunately not helping as most of those frames need to hug the content in order to allow text wrapping to the next line