Launched: Faux superscript support

Like others have said, referenced work is nearly impossible using Figma. XD and Sketch support workarounds, why not Figma? I would trade 10 FigJams for this.

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+1 for this – this has been an ongoing and time-consuming issue for my financial client work. Some of the workarounds for numbers and symbols work but for superscripting letters with numbers like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc I can’t find any workarounds. Please fix ASAP - or if someone has any suggestions for that, it would be much appreciated.


Hello Tony. All letters from a-z would be soooo great :slight_smile:

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Does anyone have the list of standard Figma fonts that are OTF AND have superscripting enabled?

Working for the healthcare sector as well and lack of superscript support has been a real pain, Inter font was lacking some characters too but this is a real timesaver, thanks! :100:

It’s a shame there hasn’t been improvement for this issue although it has been noted for years now, hope Figma steps up their game here, <sup> is such an elementary feature.


Ditto to all letters a-z! Working with a lot of French clients that have superscript after letters, for example, school grades: 2e, 3e, 4e, 5e, 6e, etc.

It’s absolutely insane to me that Figma still doesn’t support this. This issue was first flagged 4 years ago on other support forums.

Thanks for sharing this Tony! You help me a lot with it.

How is this still not a feature?!? I can’t move my client over to figma because of this. It’s insanity and you can’t superscript. Until then. have to stick to XD. Seriously. This should be on the top of the priority list. Come on, Figma!


Hey all, thank you for your feedback and patience! We want to support all design needs and are excited to confirm that we now offer faux superscripts and subscripts! :partying_face: This means if you’re using a font that does not support certain superscript/subscript characters, Figma will automatically sub-in a synthesized version.

You can learn more in our help article here (Numbers > Position(subscript/superscript)):

For a deep dive into the process of building this feature check out this tweet thread here:


HI folks, awesome to see this has landed! Is there a plan to add this to the textNode API so it’s available for plugins / widgets?

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Great ideas

Hi there! Is there ever a situation where the faux superscripts wouldn’t work? I’m using a brand font and subscripts are fine, but superscripts turn into triangles.

Looking for ‘TM’ as well. :smiling_face:

Anyone who this issue concerns with the trademark symbol, ™ feel free to copy and paste this and directly paste it to your Figma copy since this works just fine.