Lag and latency when applying text or color styles

Tell me I’m not alone. :smiley:

The most recent releases have some great new features (thank you for so many things, including individual border coloring!), but one thing I do over and over and over again on a daily basis got a lot slower. I used to be able to select a frame, click the 4-dot style grid icon, type “400 return”, and have the frame immediately get and apply the “gray-400” style from my Library’s color styles. Ever since 114.3 there’s a new, half-to-one-second lag and spinner which I have to wait for before pressing “return”. On a productive day this is an action I take perhaps hundreds of times, so the lag adds up.

I submitted a ticket, and the support person was very helpful and communicative, but I dunno if the issue is going to get addressed. So I’m here to drum up support. :slight_smile: Are other people experiencing this same problem?

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Yes! Search through my library color styles has gotten very slow. It’s not much of a delay but it used to be instantaneous. Now I open the panel and start typing into the search field, and most of the time my first keystrokes are not recorded because the styles are still loading. This happened in a release shortly before the Config changes, or at least that’s when I first noticed it.

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