Issue/Help with icon migration from sketch

Hello everyone

My team is trying to understand the relation between the main component and the instance once it has been imported from sketch, here is the timeline:

  • We transferred our icon library from sketch to Figma
  • Our icon library were a mix of 24x24 and 40x40
  • For consistency we decided to resize all icons to 40x40
  • After resizing we noticed all instances in other components have also resized

(left) before resizing master - (right) after resizing

We were expecting for the main component (right) not have any effect on the instance (left) since it’s already defined in size within another component.

This can all be resolved by resizing our library to 24px, but we are trying to understand why this happens, our conclusions were:

  • when an instance is first created, it maintains a 1:1 size relationship with its main component, where the main component is the master and the instance is the dependent
  • this relationship is maintained until the instance is resized.
  • once the instance has been resized, any size changes to main won’t affect the instance.
  • to reconcile the two, a ‘Reset all changes’ needs to be done on the instance, after which the instance will align with whatever the size of the main component is at that moment.

Are we close to understanding this?