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Is there a way to link to a file's editor view from the prototype?

I have a large customer journey map intended for use by both Figma-savvy and non-techy employees. I’m sharing it in prototype form so viewers can toggle between simpler and more complex forms:

For the Figma-savvy users, it’s actually more convenient to pinch-to-zoom in the source file than scroll around in the prototype, so I want to link to the source file, centering on the relevant frame.

However, when I link to the source file, clicking into the link in the prototype just goes to that frame in the prototype.

TL;DR: is there a way to link to the source file so it always opens in editor mode, even when you’re clicking it from the prototype mode of the same file?

Yes, you can.
Let’s say you have button that designed for switching the users to the editor view. Select the button and then in the prototype tab (CMD+Alt+9) add a interaction change the section option for the action to “Open link” then paste the editor view link. The problem is that the Figma will open new tab on the browser.

You can also leave some notes on your design to ask the user to click on the project title and click on View in editor option from the dropdown

IMO, Your users doesn’t really need to go to the editor for the details if the problem is only the ability to zoom in since all the users can use the hot keys CMD + (Plus) or (Minus/Dash) on the keyboard to zoom in and out.