Is there a "find and replace" or a plugin for locating where a color style is being used?

I have two libraries (iOS and Android) that share some identical color styles but want to keep them agnostic of each other. The problem arises when I update one (e.g. iOS/text_white) and open the other library and get a “Review changes” prompt which tells me that the iOS/text_white color I just updated is mistakenly being used somewhere in my Android library.

Does anyone have any methods or a plugin that would help locate where that rogue style is being used? Something akin to a find and replace but for color styles?

Hey Kat,

There should be a plugin that does this. Here’s an example:

In the future, you can search directly in the community for any type of plugin you’re looking for.

Thanks for the response! This isn’t quite what I’m looking for as I’m looking for more of a “locate color style” as opposed to just “locate color”.

To clarify in a more concrete example, I might have two libraries (iOS and Android) that both have “text.main” as a color style, both using #000 as the hex code.

Occasionally, a rogue component in the iOS library might accidentally be using the Android “text.main” color style. This might not seem like a big deal as they initially are both mapped to use #000, but if somewhere down the line we were to change “text.main” in the Android library to #333, it would be an issue if a component in the iOS library was accidentally using the Android “text.main” as it would then be using #333 as opposed to #000.

So what I would need is a plugin or some feature that would allow me to search a file (or even a page) to find everything using “text.main” so I could check each one to make sure it was using the correct one (either iOS or Android.) Alternatively, being able to identify anything using a style from a different library would also do the trick.

I’ve searched the community page and couldn’t quite find what I was looking for so I decided to drop it in the forum in case I wasn’t using the right search parameters and missed it.

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