👋 Introduce yourself!

Hi all,
Good to be part of yet another community. I’ve been using creative apps since the early 90s so Figma is quite familiar in terms of logic has its own framework and very rapid updates that require some adaptation.
I am a product and strategic designer with experience in industrial and digital product design (you can call it UX if you like -). Worked in various countries and now live in Sydney Australia.
Take care…


Hello, everyone.
I’m Seulki, a remote worker, a product designer and a community advocate from Seoul, South Korea :kr:. I currently work for a A.I. label product for doctors. I love kayaking, traveling and learning Flutter(Dart) & English.


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Hi all, Figma has impressed me since I found it about 5 years ago. I’m glad to be using it more, lately. I’ve been a lead designer and lately do more research, I’ve played violin to pro level, lived in a few countries, and know Spanish pretty well. I’d love to work in other countries so I could live across the pond, again.


Hi Im a student needing to finish an assessment next week and frustrated. Figjam was really easy to use to do the first page of a prototype…and having saved that file…I cant find an obvious ADD NEXT PAGE OF PROTOTYPE BOTTON???


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Hey @kane_hogan,

FigJam is a white boarding tool. It’s not meant to build prototypes, which is why there is no button to add additional pages. You want to use Figma for prototyping. Here’s more info:

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Hello, I am Sonia, working for a US company as Senior UI/UX Designer remotely located in Spain, earlier working in Finland (but originally German). I am coming from the Adobe Illustrator world in my previous job within same company and Figma is very new to me. I am still feeling lost, admire the ease but struggle with understanding dependencies. Now my main tasks are with the company’s design system.


Hi Everyone…!!
I’m Samir shah from India. Basically, I’m a front-end developer. Although, web designing is something I keep exploring. I like to share and know about various design-related resources, plugins, articles, etc.

Been using Figma for product designing and personally, I’m a huge fan of it.
Happy to be here.:star_struck:


Hi everyone :wave:

My name is Antonella, I work and live in Dublin with my boyfriend and cat.
I am originally from Rome, Italy and I am passionate about UX and Illustration.

I am thrilled to be part of this community, love Figma and looking forward to learning from you all.



Hi! I’m Daria, beginner ux/ui designer and 2d artist from Europe. I just started to learn all features of figma, and I really like it. Nice to meet all of you!


Hi :wave: I’m Simon; I live and work in Toronto as a frontend developer at a small web development/design agency. Decided to join this forum since I’ve been developing some applications on top of the Plugin/REST APIs for the past little while as part of our internal tooling at work. Cheers :sparkles:


Hello Figmanier …
I am Micha, live in Germany. I started in 1988 with graphics on the PC and then switched to Apple. For 7 years now I work as an in-house designer at JobLeads. With Figma, I have found the optimal layout tool (I am not a developer ) for web design. I am very happy overall.

But there are some things that I find rather cumbersome, and many functions and options that I miss. I’m sure I’ll find many tips and workarounds here. For this, I say many thanks in advance :wink:


Hello :wave: My name is Philip and I am UX designer in the crypto space. I just switched from Adobe XD to Figma and I can only say that I love Figma so far. Also I am very keen on interacting with the community and discover new uses for the tool.

See you around! :smiling_face:


Hi, I’m Marc, a guy from Barcelona living in Helsinki, Finland. (many people ask why, you too? xD) I’m a service designer and COO at Attractive.ai. Figma has a vibrant and interesting community, and I’d love to help it grow bigger and work more efficiently while using Figma. At Attractive.ai we want to make the web more usable and remove all the frustration and frictions that everyday causes headaches to millions of people.

I am curious to know how frustrating it is for you designers to see your designs being “destroyed” during implementation phase, not realizing the full power of their designs. Is this still an issue/problem?

I am also wondering if getting immediate feedback and UX rating/readiness score of your designs while you design would be something interesting for the Figma and global design community.

If you can shed some light in any of these questions, I’ll be eternally grateful!

Meanwhile, if I can be of any help, please ask away and I’ll do my best!



Hey everyone! I’m @Farhad_Majidi, a graphic designer for over 3 years now; Recently I started doing UI/UX design for the company I work for and consequently have been using Figma. Gotta say absolutely love this thing and hope to be an active part of Figma’s community. So feel free to connect with me for collaboration or just simply to chat :).


Hi! I am Janes, currently a senior graphic designer at Selangor, Malaysia. Was a Fine art graduate and then a self-learned designer 2 years after graduation. I’m very interested to learn new things such as Figma hoping for a career switch into UX/UI designer in near future.
Connect with me cause I need a community to help me grow in this area!
I’m active in:
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/janestan/
Behance : Behance

I’ve seen everyone seems to be on Twitter, not so active yet but feel free to connect with me @JanesThy .


Hi. I am Racine and love to design. Been in digital since web2.0 started.

I am loving the new properties in Figma since May 10, 2022 and have a few questions, but will save them for specific threads. I live in the NYC area and will share tips as I find nuggets.


Hi everyone.

My name is Liam and I’m a web developer based in Glasgow. You can catch me on Twitter and LinkedIn

I do everything from creating mockups of websites with clients to actually building them, liaising with digital marketing for best SEO and social media management.

Been with the same company for almost 10 years and looking to move into a more specific job around UI/UX.

Would appreciate any tips and advice on people on where to go.


Hey folks!
I’m Viraj, and I’m a Product designer currently based out of Hyderabad, India.
I’ve been a Figma user since Late 2018.

Since the last year, make rectangles representative of complex flows for Microsoft in the Shopping Domain where I am grateful to learn with prolific folk who share my love for design!

@viraj is my personal Figma | I have a couple community resources in there!
www.virajduvedi.com is my website
Come say hi on twitter @virajduvedi