👋 Introduce yourself!

Hey guys,here is Sam from China :laughing:


Hey I am Prabhu from Bangalore, India. A Product and Industrial Designer. Currently Leading Visual Design of www.nbyula.com. Cheers if u visualise 3D!


Hi there! I am Chandula Janith. I am 13 years old and I am from Sri Lanka. I am Web developer and a Designer. I have done many projects and I also have contributed to some projects on GitHub. I am currently working on a Glassmorphism UI based Mortal Kombat Wiki. I started programming in 2020 and I have learnt some programming languages. I like to design apps and websites. I play games(specially Mortal Kombat) when I have free time. Thank you! Have a nice day!



I’m David from Norwich (UK). I work for a manufacturing company where I design, write and maintain a variety of in-house web apps. I’m hoping Figma will improve my UI/UX skills :crossed_fingers:

In my spare time I try to play Gypsy Jazz guitar, game with my son, and struggle to keep fit!


Namaste! I am Manav, and I’m learning to design using Figma. It is nice to be here.

I post at Login • Instagram

Thank you for reading!


Howdy, I’m Sheftali, (friends call me Shef)

I’m a Senior UX designer with 7+ years in the field, I just wanted to pop in and say hey and express my appreciation to this fantastic platform. I<3 Figma

I’m currently freelancing working on some fantastic projects in the Web3 space. In my spare time I like to play guitar, produce music and build product ideas (using Figma) that will enhance the UX of Web3 in general.

I’ve also posted my first ‘Idea’ so please check it out and upvote it if you like, I have a strong feeling there’s something in there that will benefit yourself :slight_smile:



Hi,I‘m Chinese man, I Just want to mention bug

Hey @kimHacker,

You can submit a bug report to our support team directly via the form here!

Hi Everyone, Riya here


Hi! My name is Nastia and I’m from Ukraine :sunflower:, Currently live and work in Poland. I make delicate tattoo in fineline technik :hibiscus:, but I want change my life and spend more time being at home with my family. It’s very important for me at this time :orange_heart:. That’s why I learn Figma and want become like UX/UI designer :grinning:


Hi, I’m alex. I live in the US, just outside of Chicago. I just found figma yesterday while doing a javascript course on scrimba. i’ve been in the software business for my entire career. but, i’m new to javascript, html and css, and having fun learning and imagining doing some very cool projects! great to meet this community!


Hi there everyone :smiley: I’m Jen in the UK and have just joined the Figma universe coming from a Sketch background.

Firstly - is it really true that there is no dark mode? I can’t find anything that works?

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Hi everyone, I’m transitioning to UX from Customer Success. Still getting my feet under me with using Figma so I’m thankful to have a community like this to tap into! Currently looking to create a design system with the Product Team :smiley:

I’m based in New Zealand :new_zealand:


Hey everyone :wave:
My name is Sebastian I’m a german product designer working and living in japan. I started using figma back in 2017 after using sketch for a while. In the internet you can find me mostly under the name “carlhauser”, I create UIs, animations and 3D stuff. With my brother I also created several figma plugins like Measure to create redlines with a WYSIWYG editor, Figma Chat to chat in figma, Covr to download cover art from spotify or blender connect to synchronize artboards as textures in blender.

Have a great day :yum:


Hi everyone!
My name is Lilly and I am switching careers from the fashion industry to UX design. I am so excited to learn and start my new journey in UX! :smiling_face:


OG indeed :slight_smile: - Glen, we’re a new tech startup, I’d love to connect and chat to see how you might be able to help! tom@supergrain.com

Hello everyone, I’m Ahmed from Algeria, 27years old, I’m an illustrator artist, pretty new to ui/ux design.
I’m currently unemployed, you can find my portfolio here here


There’s Dark Mode as of last Tuesday! :wink: